The floor torch consists of 3 mildly radiant segments connected with flexible joints on a round base. With help of stiff and flexible connections one can bend the torch to create a variety of shining curves.
CONSTRUCTION consists of:
3 day-light bulbs (diameter 10mm, bottom tube 60cm, upper tubes 40cm) installed into cylinders (diameter 50mm, bottom tube 62cm, upper tubes 42cm) of white translucent and heat-resistant acrylic. The joints are made of “goosenecks”(reinforced metal crimp hose) covered with rubber crimp.LED spotlight is installed on top of the upper segment.
The kit contains a set of stickers for transmutation of bamboo into birch.
Bamboo Lamp had won a 1st place in a 100% Design Created in Russia 2005 competition and was exhibited at 100% Design 2005 in London.

Just_design ( company had produced The Bamboo Lamp in limited edition.
It can be produced upon your order in 4 weeks. It cost $700
If you are interested in becoming a manufacturer of this product - we'll be happy to cooperate.