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Однажды мы проснулись и узнали, что госдума собирается принять закон,
по которому можно будет лишать нас наших крепких неаварийных домов,
чтобы на их месте построить дорогое жилье, а нас отправить на окраину.
А мы то этого совершенно не хотим! Хотим пользоваться своим конституционным правом жить, там, где мы выбрали.
Одевайтесь в свои дома! МЫ НЕ СНОСНЫ!

This is not about fashion or design, but an art protest and a flash mob.
The Russian Parliament (Duma) is going to pass a new federal law “On Renovation”, that people call “On Deportation”. The bill contradicts the 35 article of the Russian Constitution about the Right of Private Property and basically repeals the Constitution of 1993.
According to the bill any house may be pronounced decrepit by the Moscow city authorities and transferred to the domain of the newly formed Renovation Department. From that moment people's rights of Private Property on homes and apartments no longer apply. Owners and residents have to move out from their homes in 60 days after the notification and into locations provided by the  Department. The bill does not leave owners and residents any options, such as choosing the new location, receiving financial compensation for the housing or investments made into homes.
This project encourages anyone to photograph their homes and print them on the shirts. An artistic expression for the present-day urban camouflage. No political slogans, as they can be pnshbl, just - wear your houses. We are untearable!

Печать на майках

Print on t-shirts


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